List of Registered

Updated at 2022/07/29 (20:45h. GMT+1) Final Results

IdTitleCategorySelectedNot SelectedRejected
1Craft Beer PassionLongX
2Soldier´S WomanLongX
3Transe BrasilShortX
4The SunsetShortX
5Pico Reja. La Verdad Que La Tierra EscondeLongX
6Where My Hands Lead YouShortX
7Carbonell, FriendLongX
8A Woman With A Broken UmbrellaLongX
9The Art Of Cold#2LongX
10Pinillos Squat And InhabitLongX
11L’avenir De FemmesLongX
12The German Of The Photography ShopLongX
13299.0 (F84.0)ShortX
14La RamadaShortX
15Fernando Zorita: Person, Character, DreamLongX
16A Journey Towards OurselvesLongX
17A Deer Falling Into The SeaShortX
18Flowers On StageLongX
19Caminos de Ida y VueltaLongX
20Songs To The Dead Children In AuschwitzShortX
21Golden Fish, African FishLongX
22Flying FishShortX
23Close To YouLongFails to comply with the rules
24Walk The TidelineLongFails to comply with the rules
25The WheelLongFails to comply with the rules
27The Diary Of A ProjectionistShortX
28Jobs And WomenLongX
29The Last of ArganeoLongX
30A Room Of One’s OwnLargoX
31StrangerShortFails to comply with the rules
33The Beginning And The EndOut of CategoryFails to comply with the rules
34La Vuelta Of EvaLongX
35Water StoriesLongX
36Do The {Im}PossibleShortX
37Footprints, Rock Manifestations Of The Canary IslandsLongX
38Forty HorsepowerShortX
39Border S Health And Migration In Southern EuropeShortX
40The First KissShortX
41Close-Up Of A FilmmakerLongX
42Defeater But Not ConqueredLongX
43The Marvelous SpiralLongX
44The SingerShortX
45Soul LinesShortX
46Embracing The StarsShortX
47The Art Of Palm CraftsLongX
49Elton Medeiros – The Sun Will RiseLongFails to comply with the rules
50Barcelona Out Of The ClosetLongX
51Pandemic´s LoveShortX
52Ramdel, Memories Of An Invisible MusicianLongX
53Fish Also JumpLongX
54The Last RumbaShortX
55Other Seas, Other WhalesShortX
56Teatrante It Seemed ImpossibleLongX
57Quijotes And SeedsLongX
58Your NameShortX
59Les InsulairesLongFails to comply with the rules
60Searching The Film (Summer 2020)LongX
61I Can Hear The Rain At Your PlaceShortX
63Parakultural: 1986-1990LongX
65No S’apaguen Les EstrelesLongX
66Beyond The SensesLongX
67The Words From The FireLongX
68As Long As You Live, Keep ShiningLongX
69The Empty BoxLongX
71I Have A Dream, A Movie DreamShortX
73Things That Won’t DieShortX
74Wielding The SoulLongX
75With A Gun in Their HandsLongX
76The Awakening Of The BlindnessShortX
78The Pink CupLongX
79Our DaysShortX
80Andrea Every DayOut of CategoryFails to comply with the rules
83A CelebrationOut of CategoryFails to comply with the rules
86Zure Platerean Hasten Da MunduaLongX
87Cinema LoversShortX
88Look At Each OtherLongX
89One Year After According My GrandpaShortX
90The Cult. A Portrait Of Evangelical MeetingsLongX
92A Taste Of PoliticsLongX
93The Open DoorsLongX
94We Are NothingLongX
95Ulysses From GhanaLongX
96Spanish Olive GroveLongX
98Shooting For MirzaLongX
99You’ll Always Be My MemoryShort X
100Private CollectionShortX
101Guanabacoa: Land Of WaterShortX
102The Residents, Rapper´S JammingShortX
103Comando LoreLongX
104The Last Witnesses Of MurilloShortX
105Saint Lazarus´s AngelsShortX
106Spanish Atomic BombLongX
107Ash Wednesday´S EveShortX
109Simple PapersShortX
110One Upon A Time A TheatreLongX
111Voiceless, The Silenced GenocideLongX
112The Butterfly DanceShortX
113The Girl Who Saw Chained MenShortX
114Shepherdess GirlsLongX
115A Century Between Three KigdomsLongX
116Our LandsShortX
119The AlemaniaLongX
120Water Balloon WarLongX
121Other MusicLongX
122We Will BeatLongX
123The Cultural Project Of NeoliberalismLongX
124Where To GoLongX
125My Holocaust, Philomena FranzLongX
127Genocide And MovementsLongX
128Doors of MakkahShortX
129Isadora´s KaraokeShortFails to comply with the rules
132Temazcal TociLongX
133A Town For A Dream: Our Regional HospitalLongX
134On The TightropeLongX
135If There Is No StruggleShortX
136These WallsLongX
137Wild PansiesShortX
138Horacio, The Last MayorLongX
139The Worthy TimeLongX
140Beer On The Road #0 – SegoviaLongX
141Mbacke Cadior Cradle Of The Baye Fall PhilosophyShortX
142El RomaShortX
143War, Chalk, Time / Recovered AbsencesShortX
145Kobanê | Stand UpLongX
146The Voice Of ThaïsLongX
147Mara, The Journey Of The ElephantShortX
148Recuerdo de TravesíaLongX
150Cuando La Primavera Se Escapa, Se Libera Del SueñoLongX
151The Long Way To Alejandro BordónLongX
152Austere DemocracyLongX
153Second ChanceShortX
154Scorched LandLongX
155The Flashes Of The MemoryShortX
159Traces. Love And Violence Stories From The Intimate To The PoliticalLongX
161Welcome Mr. BanksyLongX
162Birdboy And The RobotLongX
164Mean Dancing WomenLongX
165Between Two WorldsShortX
166Digital AshesShortX
167Ánima PrimaShortX
168Killer DogShortX
169Code StrokeShortX
170Beautiful HouseShortX
171Flowers For ConchaShortX
172Anatomy Of A MermaidShortX
173Etxetxipia (Little House)Out of CategoryFails to comply with the rules
175Homo Homini LupusLongX
176Prepaid GirlsShortX
177Dreamers, The FilmLongX
178The Eyes Of the LandShortX
179Camilo Torres Restrepo, Effective loveLongX
180Remember Me, The Principle Of DisconnectionLongX
181Jo Sí Que Et Crec (I Do Believe You)LongX
183Orduña, The Memphis Of BizkaiaLongX
185Bridging The GapLongX
186Free FlyingLongX
187The Same MoonShortX
188Ode To TearsLongX
189Livestock Or DesertLongX
191Female Dragon TamersLongX
192The Priest´s PrisonLongX
193Hinges Of PaintShortX
194Angry SoreShortX
195What Is Going To Happen Here?LongX

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