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The «Oyola Fabián International Documentary Film Festival (OFFCINEDOC)», had its germ during the year 2021, and was finally launched in 2022 by the Cultural Association «El Bujío» of Segura de León (Badajoz), in its desire to pay tribute and remember Andrés Oyola Fabián, neighbour and friend of our town, tireless researcher and disseminator in the field of social and human affairs.

This first edition took place from 22 to 27 August 2022, and following the proposed approach, after receiving a total of 195 works distributed between the two competition categories (short and long films and documentary), a selection was made of them once it was verified that they complied with the aspects included in the Rules, and they were transferred to an international jury composed of 87 professionals from the audiovisual field and from different subjects related to general culture, We will call this a «popular jury», with sufficient criteria to evaluate the selected works, in the understanding that in this way, a fair evaluation would be carried out that would include both the technical aspects and the cultural value and knowledge provided by the works.

Once the official selection was made, composed of 16 feature films and 14 short films, the schedule of screenings was programmed from Monday to Friday of the festival, and they were screened from 21:00h in the courtyard of the medieval castle of the town, outdoors and completely free of charge for attendees.

To conclude the Festival, the Closing Gala was held on Saturday 27th August, where the prizes were awarded to the directors of the winning works and a small tribute was paid to Andrés Oyola Fabián, with a few words by his son Jose María Oyola Pérez, and a live performance by the choirs of Segura de León and Cumbres Mayores (Huelva), both directed by the honoree during his lifetime.

As a final aim among the festival’s proposals, a project was launched to compile the works selected for each edition, with which an audiovisual archive has been created, located in the Casa de la Cultura «Andrés Oyola Fabián» in Segura de León, which brings together historical, anthropological, social and cultural visual documents in general, to which students, the curious and anyone who wants to, can go in search of new knowledge.

With the following editions, the OFFCINEDOC festival aims to establish itself as a source of culture in the south of Extremadura, which in yet another way will energise the life and tranquillity of what is known as «empty Spain», and which will enrich inwardly all those who have the opportunity to get to know it.

What people say about the culture:

Simplicity and naturalness are the supreme and ultimate goal of culture.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Culture is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity.

Diógenes Laercio

Culture is the memory of the people, the collective consciousness of historical continuity, the way of thinking and living.

Milan Kundera

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