2022 Programming

Cartel OFFCINEDOC 2022

Monday 22 August:

  • 20:30h: Festival presentation.
  • 21:00h: Screening of selected documentary films:

Title: Dreamers, the Film

Direction: Esther Yáñez

Origin: SPAIN Lenght: 84′

Synopsis: What is Dreamers? The teacher Ramón Torrelledó and the GMP Foundation are makers of dreams. A «dreamer», transmits emotions to those who are working for art, the art of the human dimension. Two unthinkable dreams arise:
1- The dream of doing a massive concert in an emblematic space in Madrid: The National Auditorium.
2- That people with intellectual disabilities will be the camera operators responsible for capturing the images. They will participate in a kind of meta-documentary where the camera is turned and the guts of the shoot are seen.

Title: Plastisfera

Direction: Julio Pérez Del Campo

Origin: SPAIN Lenght: 14′

Synopsis: A world pioneer Spanish research team detects microplastics in Antarctica and the troposphere.
Only 15 years ago microplastics were discovered in the oceans. Since then, they have been discovered in many more places, without knowing the real consequences for the environment.

Title: The last of Arganeo

Direction: David Vázquez Vázquez

Origin: SPAIN Lenght: 30′

Synopsis: Edilberto Rodríguez, studied Forestry in Ponferrada (León, Spain), but since childhood he always wanted to be a pastor like his grandfather. He left everything to return to Pombriego (Benuza, León) and fulfill his dream. Every year he goes up to the corrals of Arganeo, where he rebuilds the old abandoned corrals, and there he is with his flock all summer. Although he is very young, he has the folk wisdom of an older person.

Title: Voiceless, the silenced genocide

Direction: Víctor G. Villavieja, Martín Soto

Origin: SPAIN Lenght: 63′


Synopsis: In 1993 the president of Burundi is murdered, and a wave of ethnic violence floods the country. Years later, Lievin Manisha, one of the survivors of that massacre, denounces the violent crisis that still affects millions of Burundians. While trying to heal his personal wounds, he unveils the hidden history of his country, a dark truth that had been buried.

Title: Anatomy of a mermaid

Direction: Adriana Páramo Pérez

Origin: SPAIN Lenght: 14′

Synopsis: After having received inappropriate treatment in hospital and having suffered from the injuries caused by the episiotomy that was practised on her without her consent, the actress Iria Pinheiro starts a legal battle against the public Health System in Galicia. However, disappointed by how complex and expensive this process is, she decides to turn to theatre practice as a way to denounce what she went through. The rehearsals and the scenes from the play show how Pinheiro tells her story using parody as the driving force to make this hidden reality visible.

Title: Soul Lines

Direction: Rafa Arroyo

Origin: SPAIN Lenght: 14′

Synopsis: Even if the wounds of the past are closed and you forgive all those who have hurt you, the pain always remains in your heart. An intimate portrait of María José Arroyo’s life, tracing the scars of her past and discovering the medicine of her soul.

Title: Doors of Makka

Direction: Mohanad Diab

Origin: EGYPT Lenght: 12′

Synopsis: An old woman, whose soul is like a young woman, is still committed to her work despite her old age. The first rural pioneer woman in the modern history of Egypt. Over the past forty years, she knocked on many doors to educate them about many development projects in Egypt. The Egyptian President appointed her as a member of the National Council for Women and she was honored in several forums

Title: Other seas, other whales

Direction: José Luis Campos Javier

Origin: SPAIN Lenght: 8′

Synopsis: Normalising the dialogue about suicide plays a fundamental role in its prevention. As said by Herman Melville, the author of ‘Moby Dick’, what is named becomes less haunting. On many of the world’s coasts, it is common for whales to be found stranded on the seashore every so often, as if they had voluntarily decided to die. ‘Depression’ in whales is actually another symptom of the alteration to nature and life brought on by technology. ‘Other seas, other whales’ aims to draw an analogy between whales and human beings through the portrait of two women who share their urban loneliness, conveyed by a series of small everyday gestures concealing the most sordid miseries and instabilities.

Title: Tamang

Direction: Santiago Becker

Origin: ARGENTINA Lenght: 8′

Synopsis: A family and cultural portrait of quiet life in the Nepalese Himalayas. Mema, the family’s grandmother, silently accompanies us in this contemplative work that offers an audiovisual experience on the life of the Tamang.

Title: If There is no Struggle

Direction: Jared Katsiane

Origin: UNITED STATES Lenght: 14′

Synopsis: A young photographer celebrates historical figures via Boston’s public art.

Tuesday 23 August:

  • 21:00h: Screening of selected documentary films:

Title: Water stories

Direction: José Carlos de Isla, Paco Ortíz

Origin: SPAIN Lenght: 84′

Sinopsis: Three-quarters of the surface of our planet, the blue planet, is water, as is the proportion in the body of human beings. Origin of life, essential for our development and hygiene, there are many other functions in which the liquid element occupies a place of special relevance. Traditions, sports, parties, work or constructions, our world is full of stories made of water, stories to learn to learn more about the most important element in life.

Title: Embracing the stars

Direction: Christopher Sánchez, Mario Cervantes

Origin: SPAIN Lenght: 9′

Synopsis: Javier García Pajares is known for being the first deaf-blind student to enjoy an Erasmus scholarship. Thanks to this, he began to become an example of self-improvement and a reference in the field of disability. Not satisfied with this, years later he launched into the adventure of achieving the challenge of reaching increasingly demanding mountain peaks and experiencing new adventure sports at the hands of his psychologist and friend José Antonio García. In this documentary we accompany Javier in a new adventure while we learn about his story of overcoming and he reaffirms himself as a reference for many.

Title: Livestock or desert

Direction: Francisco Vaquero Robustillo

Origin: SPAIN Lenght: 84′


Synopsis: The fight to reverse climate change is putting animals in the spotlight. The purpose of this documentary is to show the use of livestock for the regeneration of grasslands, soils, woodland and water. Good livestock management is shown in a real way as a solution for the restoration of ecosystems and rural economies.

Title: Carraco

Direction: Carlos Cazurro

Origin: SPAIN Lenght: 65′

Synopsis: Miguel Ángel needs to make a phone call while on a hike near his town, but the lack of reception makes it impossible. He then remembers a code his grandfather shared with him as a child to communicate from a distance with groggers. When he gets home, he asks him about this code and discovers that it was not invented by his grandfather. It was used by the townspeople from Valladolid (Spain) a long time ago, but it has since been forgotten. That’s when he decides it’s time to investigate and get that code back… But he soon discovers that it is not going to be easy at all.

Title: Our Lands

Direction: Fernando Cola

Origin: BIRMANIA Lenght: 13′

Synopsis: The Republic of the Union of Myanmar, also known as Burma, has been historically invaded by various cultures for thousands of years. It was a British colony from 1824 to 1948, the year in which it finally managed to become independent.
Subsequently, numerous military governments succeeded each other, systematically violating the human rights of their opponents (generating hunger, genocides, and rapes of women and girls with the so-called «rapists battalion»). The sole objective of this action was to dominate the land and the territory, and the natural resources of its more than 100 ethnic groups. Since independence, the Republic of the Union of Myanmar went through brief democratic periods, always aborted by military coups.
Just in the elections of March 15, 2015, it has its first head of civil state. Since that date, the Republic of the Union of Myanmar maintains a certain democratic stability. The transition towards the self-determination of their peoples is constantly under pressure, since they must continue to resist the pressure of the State in order to live in their territory.
In this context, two young people that work for an N.G.O. called PUNTO, travel through the country visiting indigenous communities and work together on a territorial mapping with a camera and a drone.

Wednesday 24 August:

  • 21:00h: Screening of selected documentary films:

Title: Mara, the journey of the elephant

Direction: Luciano Nacci

Origin: ARGENTINA Lenght: 8′

Synopsis: An elephant born in captivity seeks to achieve something similar to freedom

Title: Pico Reja, la verdad que la tierra esconde

Direction: Remedios Malvarez Baez, Arturo Andújar Molinera

Origin: ESPAÑA Lenght: 92′


The Spanish Civil War followed by Franco’s regime has left a legacy of terror: tens of thousands of murdered civilians, buried anonymously and lost to oblivion. Not only were they denied the right to live but also the right to a dignified burial, the right to be remembered. Decades later, Spain has been left riddled with mass graves. The grave known as Pico Reja is one of the largest mass graves in Europe. Located in the cemetery of Seville, it is estimated that more than 2000 civilian victims of Francoist repression are buried here.

Title: L’avenir De Femmes

Direction: Sylvia Martin Sánchez, Guillermo Yunquera Núñez

Origin: SPAIN Lenght: 61′


Synopsis: Mali, March 2021, things are not always easy. But instability, conflict, the threat of jihadism and the pandemic do not prevent the celebration of one of the most important cultural events for women in the country: the Festival Arts-Femmes Festival. The stories of Djeneba, Rokia, Nacha and Mama Koné intertwine through theatre and art in the same destiny: to live their dreams with freedom and dignity in the face of a sometimes suffocating tradition. A story of commitment, struggle and solidarity between women who aspire to live in a better future.

Title: Do the {im}possible

Direction: Paco Ortíz, Ángeles Martínez, Antonio Gómez

Origin: SPAIN Lenght: 9′

Synopsis: When Irene discovers during her childhood that she has functional diversity, her life changes course. From that moment on, he has to learn to live with certain limitations, which make him take refuge in role-playing games, television series, movies, literature and animals to overcome the barriers of his daily life, fundamentally the heat. very bad for her. In these contexts, she can finally be the heroine she wants, without barriers, and from her inner strength she fights relentlessly to achieve the impossible: to be a university professor.

Title: The cultural project of neoliberalism

Direction: Rafa Devillamagallón

Origin: MÉXICO Lenght: 98′

Synopsis: The documentary demonstrates how neoliberalism was not only an economic system, but literally got under our skin and disrupted almost every area of ​​our daily lives. In three chapters of approximately 30 minutes each, entitled «Neoliberal Hegemony», «The History of Neoliberalism in Mexico» and «People against Neoliberalism», the film develops a deep reflection on the neoliberal doctrine, hand in hand with recognized experts.

Thursday 25 August:

  • 21:00h: Screening of selected documentary films:

Title: The Residents, rappers´s jamming

Direction: Martin Biaggini

Origin: ARGENTINA Lenght: 9′

Synopsis: “Los Residentes” is a meeting of young rappers from different marginal neighborhoods of the Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires, who, thanks to social networks, process their experiences, weave links, develop interpretations about themselves and their environment through the practice of rap. This musical discourse forms a system of meaning product of the permanent negotiation between rappers and their context, representing marginality neither negatively nor romanticized since, on the contrary, a humanization of people prevails in the face of the complexity of daily ups and downs.

Title: Indestructibles

Direction: José Bautista, Alfons Rodríguez, Xavier Aldekoa

Origin: SPAIN Lenght: 76′

Synopsis: This documentary is not about winners, although its protagonists sometimes do succeed. But it isn’t about losers either, although some of their stories might have bitter endings. It is a story of attempts. Of boys and girls, protagonists of their own lives, in a diverse, complex and constantly evolving world.

Title: The german of the photography shop

Direction: Luis Pérez Bordoy

Origin: SPAIN Lenght: 69′


Synopsis: Esporles, Mallorca. June 1940. The day that the photography shop “Foto Esporles” closed its doors definitively, Francesca “Rosseta” could not suspect that she would never see her neighbor again, the photographer Leo Israel Frischer. Leo was part of the large group of European Jews who, fleeing Nazism, arrived in Mallorca during the 1930s. Despite being able to enjoy a relative initial tranquility, in June 1940 most of them received an order of expulsion from Spain. These people, stripped of their nationality, without papers and in many cases without financial resources, will have to flee to «nowhere» through a Europe at war.

Title: Quixotes

Direction: Pablo Lozano Chavarría

Origin: SPAIN Lenght: 14′

Synopsis: Climate change is forcing the installation of new green energies. The massive and disorderly development of wind energy is causing the death of thousands of birds. María and José Antonio, two naturalists, have decided to find out the truth and visit eleven mills every week that they have installed next to their town. The results are alarming, in 20 months more than 600 dead animals have been found between birds and bats. It’s just the tip of the icebert. They are two Quixotes against giant windmills

Title: Le Goût De La Politique

Direction: Juan Hidalgo, Sandrine Mercier

Origin: FRANCE Lenght: 95′

Synopsis: Maxime had a completely different destiny. A life already mapped out, nestled in professional comfort, surrounded by loved ones, lacking for nothing. An engineer career at Airbus, married to a passionate midwife, father of two teenagers without problems, owner of a house in a city without crisis, Toulouse.
He can no longer bear to see the inequalities worsening, the degradation of the planet and the way in which populism governs, while standing idly by.
He wants to take his share, for his children, his family, his neighbors and the common good. His search for meaning leads him to engage in politics.
With a handful of dreamers, they create a collective of citizens and face the battle of the municipal elections. David versus Goliath.

Friday 26 August:

  • 21:00h: Screening of selected documentary films:

Title: The priests´ prision

Direction: Ritxi Lizarta, David Pallarès, Oier Aranzabal

Origin: SPAIN Lenght: 84′

Synopsis: Between 1968 and 1976, fifty priests, most of them Basque, Galician and Catalan, were imprisoned for showing their rejection of the repression of the dictator Francisco Franco. These priests, sentenced to twelve years in prison for denouncing the oppression of the dictatorship through sermons and confinement, will hardly forget the images of the mutiny broadcast by the international media in 1973. The prison in Zamora (Spain) was burned by the imprisoned priests.

Title: Border S Health And Migration In Southern Europe

Direction: Alba Villén, Ignacio Marín

Origin: SPAIN Lenght: 13′


Synopsis: What is the health status of migrants arriving in Spain? And, once here, how do the reception conditions influence their health? La Salud Naufraga is a short documentary about the state of health of migrants who have arrived on our shores. The conclusion is clear: reception in Spain makes people ill. The hygienic conditions, the deficient food, the overcrowding, the lack of information and a long etcetera generate suffering and lead to a serious diagnosis: we are making people physically and psychologically ill.

Title: Golden fish, African fish

Direction: Thomas Grand, Diop Moussa

Origin: SENEGAL Lenght: 60′


Synopsis: The Casamance Region, in southern Senegal, is one of the last refuge zones in West Africa for a growing number of artisanal fishers, fish processors and migrant workers. With increasing foreign competition these women and men resist by contributing, thanks to their work, to food security in numerous African countries. But for how much longer?

Title: O que vai acontecer aqui?

Direction: Colectivo Left Hand Rotation

Origin: SPAIN Lenght: 82′


Synopsis: A documentary about social movements defending the right to live in the city of Lisbon, at a time of intensifying struggles for urban space caused by the expansion of financial capitalism, which concentrates wealth in the hands of a few and increases social inequality. A documentary about those who challenge the conversion of the city into a commodity, about those who disobey injustice by building power on the side of those who seek a place to live.

Title: Horacio, the last mayor

Direction: María Rodríguez, Mariano Agudo

Origin: SPAIN Lenght: 60′

Synopsis: The elderly Horacio Hermoso evokes the figure of his father, the last republican mayor of Seville: a profoundly humanist person who, through politics, tried to alleviate the secular backwardness of the country. After the coup d’état of 1936, he was shot at the walls of the Seville cemetery and his body thrown into a mass grave. Eighty-four years later, the exhumation of this grave has begun and his memory is resurrected by his son Horacio, the guardian of his memory.

Saturday 27 August:

  • 22:00h: Closing Gala
  • Awards Ceremony for the winners of the first edition of OFFCINEDOC (the directors and/or representatives of the winners will be present).
  • Tribute to Andrés Oyola Fabián with the performance of the «Coral Castillo y Encinas» from Segura de León, and «Coral Polifónica Miguel Durán» from Cumbres Mayores.

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